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Approaching a new season

Let it go.

You can see leaves falling as clutter or as an opportunity to re-visit a place where you know in your heart you must go. Whether it's saying a farewell to summer or welcoming yourself back to a space you left in June, you have a chance now to address your returning address. Perhaps you want to get yourself ready for your fall wardrobe or you realize you didn't wear half of the clothes you brought with you for the summer work or holidays.

It can be a liberating experience to sort through that part of your wardrobe and give those outfits you didn't wear even once a place to be loved and appreciated by someone else. Step back and take a look at what's in your closet. Then spend just 10-15 minutes assessing what you might now be able to let go of while you ready yourself for cooler weather as this next season comes into focus. As the seasons change, so may you find ways to let fall those items you really don't love anymore. And it's not fickle. It's just human.

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