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Arranging your digital email universe

Does your Inbox have 2100 entries? Are they from the last few weeks or months or even years ago?

You can manage your email too. All it takes is a little thought about what will make your life easier when you look at your emails. Just like your desk you can arrange your emails by category and you'll find that part of your life will become a lot easier.

Have you emptied the trash lately or is it 2000 full?

It's how you see your world that will make a difference. Think of your closet. How do you arrange the clothes inside? Is winter and summer stuff interwoven? Do you have a separate area for summer shoes and winter boots? Is that linen jacket next to your favorite wool sweater?

Now go back to your emails? Do you have all your friends interspersed in the long list? Or do you have a folder for each friend you correspond with a lot?

When I want to find my emails to my dog's veterinarian, I know just where to look. You can do that too.

Fear not. Help is at hand.

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