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Bald Eagles cleaning their nest

When I saw this photo on the Internet with the title that bald eagles clean their nest in Spring time, I knew it was time for another word to the wise.

Spring is when everything starts getting green. The brown carpet we've seen vanishes. The grey branches on the trees pop yellow green with new life.

The robins come out to play.

It is also a time to re-visit your space and think about how your life will change as the weather gets warmer, the dog loves to stay out and frolic and you are less willing to curl up inside your home and just stay there.

So here's a way to welcome Spring. Take a first look at your closets and see what you remember you wore last Spring. Are you still in love with your blue slacks? Is that cute t-shirt cute now? Does that jacket in fuchsia really appeal?

Get started assessing your seasonal wardrobe. You've changed over the Winter and i get so has your predilections and preferences about your clothes. Begin just looking at what you have in the Spring closet shelves and hangars. Then slowly, very slowly, address your feelings about what's there.

It's OK to be loyal but it's also nice to give yourself permission to move on.

Happy Sunshine to come.

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