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Spring ahead!

What can we do together to reclaim your space? Organize your closets so you know what you have and where to find your favorites. Clear out the papers on your desk so you know where the important ones are. Make your kitchen cabinets your friends. Prepare you for a move. Establish a project plan you can follow. Determine the best way for you to move ahead to greet the Spring.

Now is the changing time: Swapping winter clothes for Spring into Summer. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what you have so you are ready for the next season? Working together we can re-introduce your wardrobe to you and that way you will pluck out exactly what you have in mind to wear without rooting through a ton of clothes. It can be a great discovery process and also a cleansing one too. More to come on what you think you own and what you know you own....

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