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Whisking up an idea that will move you.

Let's address the concept of re-visiting. We often think we have done that and there is no need to go back again. It's a nice feeling but as we are humans, going back and taking on a project one more time can be extremely satisfying.

What I mean by "being human" is that we tend to find variations on a theme in our lives and we think we've mastered something but in fact we can always learn more.

Take, for example, your linen closet. Yes, you worked hard to clear it out and make space for your towels, sheets, Q-tips, shampoo, paper towels, your favorite toiletries and yes you did feel good when you finished that task.

Now it is 4 months later and when you go back to find the bobby pins or that special hairbrush you've been saving to use in the future, you can't find what you are looking for. What happened? Did someone go in there and change where everything is?

Here's an opportunity to re-visit that space that served you well for a while but is now a place of secrets.Hiding places for the things you knew you had organized before and knew where everything was. We humans place and misplace. It happens.

So smile that you did this exercise once a while back and now you are ready to re-visit,

re-arrange and re-organize what you did some time ago. And it's OK because now you have a better idea of where your favorites should go, what you haven't touched in what seems like a decade and what you are discovering as you dig into the space.

Re-visiting can be like seeing dear friends you haven't spoken to in a while but you were meaning to. There's a comfort in that. No judgment. Just the joy of finding a new way of looking at your space. Ah, I see a smile of recognition. Yes. It's OK>

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