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  • Nancy D

Adding Space

These rainy days provide an opportunity to start a new project. It might even be scoping an area where you can begin your "clearing" process. And remember that in our limited space living areas in NYC, space is at a premium so creating space can be satisfying.

Pick an area and you can choose a small one. The medicine cabinet, for example. Have you revisited it this past year? How long ago was it? What is in there that is expired, dried out, not usable now? What can you discard (and remember that when you discard medications, do it responsibly).

Is there dust inside? That will give you a hint on how long ago you really looked at this space in your home.

Now give yourself just 15 minutes to see what's there. Take it a shelf at a time. A first step is an important one. And you'll no doubt feel better you began the beginning. Reward yourself. You began.

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