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  • Nancy D

Nothing scary about your space

It may be almost Halloween but that doesn't mean getting on top of your paper piles is a scary proposition.

You can meet the challenge by paring down just one obstacle at a time.

Devote just 15 minutes each day to some area of your home you want to clear.

Step up, remember to breathe and tackle that small area for 15 minutes. You can even set a timer with your phone so you don't lose track of how much time you are

devoting to that stack of mail you have in front of you.

Then go slowly, reading through and discarding into a wastebasket or bag what is out of date, of no interest or irrelevant to your needs.

That's a way of meeting your demon head on! Halloween is only as frightening as

we make it.

You can make soup out of scary -- every time.

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