• Prep to move, paint, clear, sell

  • Organize papers, files 

  • Arrange home office, counters

  • Catalog memorabilia/photos

  • Set time management goals 

  • Address life's daily challenges

  • Inventory, sort, clear

  • Help with life's daily challenges

  • Talk, meet, tour your space,
    listen to objectives in person 
    or thru virtual organizing

  • Create a plan

  • Review, assess as we work

    Our pledge:

  • Be ready for you on time

  • Respond to your priorities

  • Set realistic goals, budget

  • Keep all your information private
    and confidential

  • Advise of any additional supplies
    to be provided by you

    What you can do to prepare:

  • Breathe!

  • Arrange to be free of interruptions

  • Make sure to eat and rest

  • Have water on hand

  • Dress comfortably 

  • Call with questions, and, if you must re-schedule, do so within 48 hours, if possible
    Best not to tidy your space before we arrive. That's what we do together.


  • Identify opportunities to expand space

  • Develop skills to keep
    you organized and anxiety-free

  • Assist in moving preparation

  • Assess, sort, toss, recycle,
    donate, sell -- to achieve  
    comfort levels that build your forward momentum

  • Establish strategies for incoming: mail, packages, food, more

  • Address issues you find challenging

©2016 by the EMPATHIC ORGANIZER - NY CT member NAPO

© 2016 by The EMPATHIC ORGANIZER  NY, CT member NAPO